white man stands on cone in Japan

Close Encounters with the Knights of Japan: Misplaced Egos

Japan gives you a special feeling, but that's...

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ticking clock japan train station

Life in Japan for the Long Haul: What Gaijin Guys Can’t Ignore

Before diving in for the long haul, there are...

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japanese culture kissing

The Lizard Tongue: Is Awkward Kissing Japanese Culture?

Japanese culture has no shortage of qualities...

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statues in front of japanese love hotel

My Craziest Japan Stories: No Sex in the Classroom, Please

Nothing related to the genital arts was taboo...

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Japanese spectator wearing funny outfit

Close Encounters With the Knights Of Japan: For Love of the Game?

Wacko sports fans and Japan nerds have a lot ...

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lone foreigner in hallway in japan

Close Encounters With the Knights of Japan: The Grand Prize

Knights use JLPT and how long they have lived...

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